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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
zOMG Crusaders

zOMG Crusaders Unite!

Tags: Final Fantasy, Chocobo Knights, Crusaders, zOMG, Justice

RobDaFob Public 4,223 874
ą ʂĭℓѵεя ℓĭɳĭɳɠ... (accepting new apps)

Roleplay, Kingdoms based off of sins and virtues... everyone is welcome to apply.

Tags: Sins, Virtues, Literate, Kingdoms, Action, Romance

The Bunit Private 11,547 27
The Tree of Life

Roleplaying hangout for people who consider life a delicacy.

Tags: Tree Of Life, Role Play, Hangout, Chill spot, epic

Abnegated_Soul Public 482 34
Diablo Reborn

A demon/angle roleplay

Tags: Diablo, Fighting, Angles, Demons

Adafire Public 283 14
[The Prevailing Light] LightVS.Dark Original RP

A guild built around the seven deadly sins and around Angels and Demons. Which side will you choose, and how will you survive?!

Tags: Angels, Demons, Magic, Roleplay, Literate

Duke of Balls Public 22 4
Sin Vs. Virtues(under construction) Rush Thorres Private 2,395 26
Sanity Isn't Necessary

An RP guild for Darkness and Light.

Tags: angel, Hate, devil, element, sins

WickedxRose Private 10,375 25
❖ :: мą∂ گcєηє :: ❖ Fia Takaya Public 13 5
The Chosen and Condemned

The land is in chaos, but when a voice suddenly announces "the awakening", the stakes seem to change.

Tags: Fantasy, Roleplay, Medieval, Adventure, Magic

CorrineAri Private 1,496 7
The Divine Comedy

The Seven Deadly Sin's

Tags: Sins, Roleplay, Family, Death, Adoption

Sin Of Ira Private 29 11
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