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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
♥ Yuri-Tastic ♥

Yuri Roleplaying // Chatting with like minded people

Tags: Yuri, LGBTQ Friendly, Roleplaying Yuri, Discussion, Semi-literate to literate

Stormgem Private 5,088 158


Tags: manga, shojo, shounen, yaoi, fantasy

Mixtress Muzic Public 7,013 1,505
::The Turks::

Tags: Shinra, Turks, Crisis Core, Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII

Estellie Private 18,616 15
Vampire Knight Cross Academy Kitsxchan Private 5,784 989
Negima Magister Negi Magi RP

This guild is dedicated to roleplaying the original Negima characters, and adding in a little bit of our own twist.

Tags: Negima, roleplay, school, magic, Ken Akamatsu

Lip-Desu Private 86,578 58
Shojo Guild: Love or Be Loved

Here People Can Meet Others....Fall In Love, Date, Or RP

Tags: Shojo, Romance, Role Playing, Fan Fiction, Chat

DB Darkness Public 1,423 73
Lady Yuna's roleplaying guild

guild for friends and rp of any kind

Tags: kingdom hearts, final fantasy, roleplaying, vampires, shojo manga

vampire_gunner_yuna2492 Public 448 6
~Dengeki Daisy Fan Guild~

For anyone who loves the story of Teru, DAISY, and Kurosaki

Tags: Dengeki Daisy, shojo, Kyousuke Motomi, DAISY, Teru

xXLiFtXx Public 381 147
The Official Nana Fan Guild

For all you Nana fans out there

Tags: Nana, Black Stones, BLAST, Trapnest, Shojo

SleepsWithSirens Public 305 100
Shojo Beat

Romance anime/manga free join ^_~

Tags: Anime, Role Play, Shojo Beat, Manga, Romance

Siera Serenity Star Public 254 322
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