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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Many Sided Tales {Series-Related RPs} --StarShineTea Public 694 7
The Totally Non-Elitist Legion of Dedicated Roleplayers

We RP, ya dig?

Tags: Roleplaying, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Original, Series-Related

Valentine Wakefield Public 736 49
Obliteration, Decapitation, and Chaos ~V.3~

Semi-AU roleplaying guild

.Sakura no Takai. Private 636 8
Nintendo Gaming Union - SMG2 is here!

Together we gather, as Nintendo gamers alike.

Tags: Nintendo, Video Games, Union

Wolblade Public 2,835 81
Gaians Spacing Out

A guild with every kind of role play you can think of.

Tags: Original, Skyrim, Hosting, role plays, Friendly

zebralover04 Public 1,768 3
RF Cakes Minishop

Home base for my cake shop

Tags: cake, minishop

Raissa Firehawk Public 644 15
Ace Attorney Investigations: Los Angeles

Phoenix Wright Roleplay

Tags: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney Investigations, Miles Edgeworth, Gyakuten Saiban

Princess of Prosecution Public 93 18
Q's OC RPs Guild

A guild for Original Characters

Tags: Anime, Artist, roleplay, original, characters

Amazing Q Public 65 16
Town of Shrouded Shadows

A town deep in the middle of the woods holds many mysteries.

Tags: Blood-and-Chocolate, Werewolf, Town, Series-related, Loup-Garroux

dirus151 Public 7 4
Pokemon: Shining Darkness

This guild is about the game Pokemon and all the regions. It is based off of nothing particular.

Tags: SeriesRelated, Pokemon, Mystery, Adventure, Action

Sunku Public 31 3
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