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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
♥ In the Name of the Moon! ♥

A Sailor Moon based B/C shop! Come join us!

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Scouts, Breedables, Senshi

The Space Cauldron Public 240,714 590
Titan Senshi TS Sailor Cronus Private 5,204 107
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

A Sailor Moon Guild

Doriya Private 228 10
S-Squared Hotel

A place for background stories and more

Tags: S-squared, Senshi, Sailor Moon

dark_serena07 Private 1,898 16
Eternal Sailor Moon Guild

an Anime/manga group with a lot of Sailor Moon and other stuff

Tags: sailor moon, sailor senshi, anime, manga, roleplays

Sailor Donut Public 3,900 94
Sailor Moon: Crystal Tokyo Parable

An AU story of Crystal Tokyo and general Sailor Moon hangout.

Tags: Sailor Moon, Sailor Senshi, Roleplay, Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Scout

II Chibi Usa II Public 690 28
Sailor Senshi Forever!

A Sailor Senshi-Themed Guild Only.

Tags: Anime, Sailor Moon

Makoto-Kino-Sama Public 113 24
Mare Serenitatis

a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon hang-out

Tags: Sailor Moon, anime, manga, otaku hangout

Gizen-Hime Public 33 4
Origin of Sailor Sun

How Sailor Sun was born.

Tags: SailorSun, Naomi, Kyoto, Planet, Senshi

Ferionera Private 17 7
Sailor Senshi Academy -WIP-

Will you join?

Tags: Sailor Moon, Sailor Senshi Academy, Academy, Sailor Senshi, RolePlay

Black_N_White64 Private 11 1
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