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- The Fairy Tail Guild -

This guild is a story based off the anime, Fairy Tail and we also help the new gaians to achive what they want.

Tags: Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia

The Cool Story Bro Girl Public 480 228
!!katekyo Hitman Reborn!!

The vongola family and the other family of katekyo hitman reborn this guild is like roleplaying guild

Tags: vongola, katekyo, hitman, reborn

Hazuki Hatchi Public 3,921 527
A Motorhome Full of Salamanders

The official guild for the "A Motorhome Full of Salamanders" shop!

Tags: salamander, motorhome, salamanders, sproutyhead, amphibian

The Motorhome Public 648 41
Arimaniia (Open looking for members!) Billow Public 5,784 5
Clash of Elements : Assorted Roleplay guild

You can roleplay, draw, or just chat with friends!

Tags: element, roleplay, fight, Clan, hang out

__ - 0Diclonius0 - __ Public 940 28
Nakama 4 Life: A Fairy Tail Guild

Want to be a mage? Do jobs, get Jewels, make life-time bonds? Be our nakama... for life! Nakama 4 Life: A Fairy Tale Guild!

Tags: Fairy Tail

Mileena Chardonnay Public 58 3
The Official Rave Master / Fairy Tail Guild!

This guild will make you feel like you're in R.M. by having strong bonds with your guildmates and like in F.T. by doing certain missions!~

Tags: Rave Master, Fairy Tail, friends, Plue, missions

Sayuki-sama Public 746 51
Poisoned Shackles

A simple Master and Slave RP guild

Tags: Slave, Master, Literate, Mythology, Sadism

Disguise The Frailty Private 790 17
Fairy Tale(RP Guild)

~Welcome all to the land of fairytales, we hope you enjoy your magical and enlightening stay~

Tags: fairytales, creatures, adventure, romance, kingdom

melancon07 Public 233 8
The Fairy Tail Guild

"You want to join Fairy Tail, right? Then come with me!"

Tags: Fairy Tail, Fairy, Tail, Guild, Roleplay

A Bat Joke Public 142 80
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