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A recreated guild.. under construction

Tags: anime, highschool, gold, roleplaying, powers

Random Rini Private 8,620 21
:: S.O.U.L. :: Society Of Unified Literates :: S.O.U.L. ::

A literate roleplay guild and haven for those seeking others who enjoy writing.

Tags: Literate, Roleplaying, Fantasy

The Dreaded Warning Private 993 95
Sailor Moon Scout Guide

A fun hangout for sailor scouts

Poke Duckie Public 604 86
the bleach dbz sailormoon mew mew power/tokyo inuyasha ect

be anyone of the cosplays in the title be one of those characters

Tags: mew mew person, dbz person, bleach person, sailor moon person, inuyasha person

ichigo96 Public 691 49
Sailormoon The Light Within (Accepting)

This is a Roleplay for Sailormoon

Tags: Roleplaying, Love, Light

Kyohei_Lockhart_Strife Public 338 13
Sailor Moon ♥A New Beginning♥ Roleplay Guild

Sailor Moon roleplay ♥

Tags: Anime, Manga, Roleplay, Sailormoon

Aino Venus Private 9 4
¤ • đarĸ мoon ѕenѕнι • ¤

A guild dedicated to the Dark Side of the moon

Tags: Sailor, Dark, Moon, Senshi, SailorMoon

R0uge The Bat Public 589 13
PGSM Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Live Action Roleplay!

Tags: PGSM, SailorMoon, PrettyGuardianSailorMoon, PGSMSailorMoon, LiveActionPGSM

Sophie The Hedgehog Public 4 9
Sailor Moon ; New Tokyo

Sailor Moon Alternate Universe

Tags: Sailor Moon, Sailor Soldiers, Pretty Soldier Sailormoon, Alternate Universe

Doom Me Baby Public 82 3
Mare Serenitatis

a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon hang-out

Tags: Sailor Moon, anime, manga, otaku hangout

Gizen-Hime Public 34 4
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