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SNSD-Girls' Generation Guild

A guild for all fans of SNSD whether they are old or new

Tags: SNSD, So Nyuh Shi Dae, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Girls' Generation, SONE

BaboRen Public 8,706 908
SM Town

We are living in SM Town!

Tags: SM Town, Super Junior, SNSD, KPop, DBSK

Seo Chan Hee Public 838 319
K-pop Stans

Everything K-pop.

Tags: k-pop, international, Asia, Korea

ChemicalxRomance Public 247 83

HALLYU@GAIA (lit. meaning Korean Wave@Gaia) is a guild for people who enjoy the Korean culture.

Tags: Korean wave, Hallyu, Kpop, Korea, Korean culture

Wolfertons Public 128 21

This is for any KPOP lovers~♥

Tags: Music, Korean, Kpop, News

XxRimaXTouyaxX Public 756 135
Yugioh Forces Of Championship

Contests, Dueling, Deck Construction, Role Playing, and Non-Stop Action!

Tags: Yugioh, Dueling, Tournaments, Contests, Role Playing

Mental-Neko Mule Public 11 1
Naruto: Descent into Darkness [Under Construction]

- Closed until further notice -

Tags: Naruto, Role Playing, Discussion, Akatsuki, Demons

Mental Neko-Hime Public 1,423 48
Kpop heavenx~

Fans of Kpop ~ join us!! it's a demand :P

Tags: kpop, kpop heavenx, I love kpop, korean music, korean pop

xfantasyyyz321 Public 235 150
K-pop Polls for EVERYONE! ( YG vs SM vs JYP )

The place for all k-pop FANS to vote on polls about your FAVORITE Kpop group!

Tags: 2ne1, big bang, girls generation, super junior, wonder girls

Gaarraissocute Public 17 5

For K-Pop fans!

Tags: K-Pop, 2NE1, Big Bang, shiNee, SNSD

K-Community Contest Mule Public 15 1
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