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Shallow Seas Guild

we do smeb,smob, also were doing ss come join!!!

Tags: shallow seas, smeb, smob, zomg

nanosweets Public 7 8
Traveling Boss Crew

In this Guild we will hit every single boss :) (only for 8.0's and higher so cmon wat u waiting for join traveling boss crew)

Tags: Zomg!, Travel, Boss, Crew

xxplyxx Public 51 30
Official Gaians In Black Guild

The G.I.B: Forever working to protect Gaia against alien invaders and the Animated.

Tags: Gaians in Black, Farming, HiveWorld, Shallow Seas, Old Aqueduct

Yoruichi Kasayugi Public 0 2
z0MG Guild

Offical Guild for zOMG

Tags: ZOMG, Z0MG, Rings, ORBS, SMOB

incredlble Hulk Public 1,670 239
zOMG!: Back Alley

Fast and regular zOMG! crewing. Easy aquariums to Booty Grab from.

Tags: gold, crewing, aquarium, smeb, smob

um whatever Public 3 1
Shallow Seas of Doom

A Guild for Smob, Smeb, and EB Crews

Tags: Shallow Seas, Smob, zOMG, Smeb, Doom

DooM_Predator_L Public 12 4
Best Crews Of zOMG

Tags: Smob zOMG, zOMG, Smeb zOMG, Papa Saw zOMG, DMS zOMG

iiNexaso -PH Public 35 33
SyNergy The Guild

To unite individual players and achieve greatness.

Tags: quest, farming, level up, crew, clan

Beautrixxx Private 2 1
zOMG! Soliders

if you are new at gaia come here. For Higher Levels help newbies!

Tags: anime, gaia, zomg, fanfics, active

Sara-Namikaze Public 6 3
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