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The Sonicverse Zone: a Sonic the Hedgehog guild

Tags: sonic, sega, mobius, hedgehog

Nuala Private 7,212 287
~:: The Official Phantasy Star Guild ::~

A Phantasy Star Forum dedicated to Phantasy Star and all related content :3

Tags: Phantasy, Zero, Portable, Universe, Sega

Kano Okami Public 2,201 245
LETS SONIC ROLEPLAY! Need mains! Always accepting! Members!

Tags: Sonic, Sega, Awesome, Fight, Romance

Sazie Chan Public 22,933 163

A world where you be your favorite game character!

Tags: Role-Playing, Video Game, Fantasy, Sega, Sony, Pokemon, Nintendo, Capcom, Square Enix, Anime

shika-kun-2012 Public 16,474 107
Project DIVA

Do you like video games, Vocaloid, or even just pop anime music? Join Project DIVA. Whose name is based off the hit Japanese rhythm game.

Tags: Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune, Sega, Crypton Future Media inc, Play Station Portable PSP

Flying-Yoda Public 769 131
The Sonic Role playing Guild

Sonic Role-playing Guild

Tags: Archie Comics Roleplay, Sonic Sega Roleplay, Sonic Cosplays, A Mobius location in Gaia towns

King of Moebius Private 1,511 3
Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Guild

A guild of Sonic the Hedgehog series both Sega and Archie versions

Tags: Sonic, Sega, Archie, Roleplay, Chat

xsallyxacornxx Public 4,968 18

An RP for all Sonic fans; whether it be the games, comics or tv shows. Fancharacter's are allowed.

Tags: Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie Comics, RolePlaying, Sonic Comics, Sonic

HooliganSparks Public 6 4
Sega Genesis Online

this guild is for casual gaming and finding new friends to play any variety of genesis games in online multiplayer mode

Tags: sega, genesis, online, gaming, community

chaosoul_reborn Public 8 8
The E3 Guild (E3 2015, June 16-18)

E3 2015 (6/16-6/18)

Tags: Gaming, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Microsoft

Zeldanator Private 2 1
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