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Epic Roleplay Time!

Join up! We have a variety of roleplays for everyone! All different all unique, for everyone, and anyone :)

Tags: Naruto, Rosario+Vampire, Inuyasha, neko, mythical

DarkWitch5505 Public 15,522 186
Manga, Anime, and Other Awesome Stuff!! ☆

A guild for all those manga, anime, and roleplay lovers! We also do randomly awesome contests, events, and uh...stuff!

Tags: Manga, Anime, Roleplay, Contests, Spam

pup720 Public 4,763 365
Yokai Academy International

A school for monsters by monsters. We need to live in harmony with the humans.

Tags: Anime, Rosario, Vampire, Yokai, Youkai

Neko_Shinobi91 Public 657 75
The Tales of Youkai Academy

This is a small rp guild about characters in Youkai Academy. This guild is based on Rosa-Vam, but has none of the original characters in it.

Tags: Rosario + Vampire, Roleplay, Romance, Monsters, High School

Raine Amorie Private 268 9
Roleplay † Vampire

The Rosario † Vampire roleplay group finally has its own guild!

Tags: Rosario, Vampire, Tsukune, Moka, Yokai

Kind Tsukune Private 9 4
youkai academy(rosario vampire rpg)

a school type enviorment for monsters

Tags: rosario, vampire, anime, school, monster

Xxcrimson-reaper-tenkaxX Private 44,241 88
Lunar Cresent High

Boarding school for all monsters, come if you wish.

Tags: highschool, vampire, monster

- Toxic_Glowing_Condoms - Public 53 39
rosario + vampire Tsukune's fight

it is everyday life for tsukune other then he is a human in a vampire school...

Ichigo_Kurosaki2028 Public 1,710 105
Official Rosario+Vampire guild.

Like Rosario+Vampire? Then you'll love this guild! Come talk and hang with others who love the series! See ya there capu chu!!

Tags: Rosario+Vampire, Rosario, Vampire, Yokai, Monster

Killer_Neko21 Public 41 23
~Rosario Academy~

The Guild is were people can interact have fun and hopefully keep at it.

Tags: Vampires, Role Playing, Academy, Romance, Entertainment

Espada Akira Harribel Public 4,094 24
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