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[UN]Official base of Rooster Teeth Inc.

An Group for all RT/AH/Podcast/RWBY/ETC. Fans

Tags: Rooster Teeth, achievement hunter, RWBY, RT Podcast, Red vs Blue

The Dread Wolf Public 427 114
The Official Red vs Blue Guild Death_Metal_Ninja Private 9,031 254
Onlydraven's "Red vs Blue" Guild onlydraven Private 4,081 59
Red Vs. Blue Roleplay

We RP the everyday life in the training bases and I will select a few people to be freelancers.

Tags: Red Vs. Blue, Roosterteeth, Roleplay, Fighting, Halo

lvan The Russian Public 6,583 46

Here you can disscus about anything halo related you can also join our clan Delta13

Tags: Halo Reach, Halo, Delta13, Red vs Blue, Roosterteeth

PairsOsocks Public 2 1
Halo/Red vs Blue: New era of Soldiers

((This is not the mainstream RvB, this is about 100 years after that old spartans died that means all original RvB character are dead))

Tags: halo, redvsblue, Roosterteeth, Adventure, Action

Twinblade_Ashy Public 387 4
Dust and Shadow

This is a RWBY guild! You are a student of the academy and you must team up and fight for what is right!

Tags: RWBY, Roosterteeth, Hunter, Grimm, Academy

crystanis Public 7,377 57
RWBY: Beacon Academy

RWBY roleplay and fan guild.

Tags: RWBY, Monty Oum, Roosterteeth, JNPR, Beacon Academy

IlRikku Public 0 1
Monty Oum Dedication Guild

Showing love for the greatest man to ever leave this earth

Tags: monty, roosterteeth, rwby, redvsblue, animator

But I Poop From There Public 5 7
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