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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Melody Soldiers United - Kicking Butt 1 Negaverse at a Time

Tags: Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch

Akari Kibou Public 993 164
The 47+ Ronin

A guild for all things samurai/ninja/Japan.

Tags: Ronin, samurai, ninja, Japan, bushido

Ronin Gear Private 838 68
Chaotic Multiverse Theory

An archive of (presently on-going) crazy role-playing with a severe disregard for the laws of physics and the 4th wall.

Tags: Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist

Crystal Mizuka Private 2,350 24
Brotherhood of Ronin Samurai

We dedicate our lives to the sword and the strength to become better warriors as one.

Tags: Samurai, Ronin, Swords, Martial Arts, Religion

-Ronin-Thunder- Public 2 4
Keloid's Warrior Allience

Dumb stuff, forever!

Tags: Herp, Derp, Autism

Keloid the 2nd Public 10,651 14
Louisiana Anime Convention


Tags: Cosplay, Convention, Louisiana Conventions, MechaCon, Louisianime

Yellow_Ronin2000 Private 532 29
The Weird Wild West

Tags: Cowboys, Westerns, old west, wild west

Bat Lash_x Private 76 10
kyū・ten 九天 - Clan

"kyū•ten ichiryū - school of nine heavens"

Tags: ninja, shinobi, samurai, ronin, martial arts

Xephrow Private 112 71
Choas and Mayhem- A place for the mind

a dark hunter, one piece, Roplay guild join only if you will be active! Lots of fun! You can be any anime character you want or a OC

Tags: Saiyuki, Full metal Alchemist, One Piece, Dark Hunters, Hellsing

Old Man Rome Private 1,055 20
Sengoku: A Shogunate Divided

An in depth literate group Role Play guild based on the events of Sengoku Era Japan.

Tags: sengoku, japan, feudal, samurai, military

Tetsuo Under Fire Public 85 6
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