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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Prophecy (A literate fantasy reality role playing guild)

Here you can find and create role plays of your dreams. Rather it be fantasy or Reality

Tags: Role play, Freestyle, Literate, Fantasy, Reality

Jadeathian Private 6,023 41
The Official Narutards Guild - Now Open! Kiki_Katt Private 17 2
Moonlight of Hoshi: Pathway to RP! Aikata Public 1,274 40
G.H.O.S.T. xXxPunkxXxRosexXx Private 4 2
Guardiani Del Crepuscolo

This is a semi-literate roleplaying guild which allows the members to come up with whatever their hearts desire.

Tags: Semi-Literal, Role play, fantasy

Adam DoUrden Public 28 1
Final Fantasy 8 RP

just see who you fall for!

Tags: Squall, Riona, Final Fantasy 8, RolyPlaying, Love

iiKairi Public 7 4
Storm Bringer Alpha Wolves

This is for anyone with a wolf avi, and foxies too.

Tags: wolves, foxes, rolyplaying, Family, Easy going

Flower StormBlade Public 15 16
emo wolf pack

weird fun crazy and out going guild

Tags: wolf, emos, punk, cool, life

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