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Mage's ToyBox

My collection of things.

The Cake Mage of Sheep Private 939 1
❖⊱- Not Quite There -⊰❖ (A Ringmaster Fanguild)

Enter the tent and enjoy a wide variety of fun in the world of Gaian circuses!

Tags: Ringmaster, Ringleader, Role Play, Circus, Cirque du gothique

Silent Cartoon Public 13,789 350
Cirque Demonique

A guild honoring the Dark Ringmaster and all his twistedness

Tags: ringmaster, cirque, roleplay, dark, nega

Ashura 09 Public 14 9
『Ͼɨɼȼʊʂ σғ ȽȱϛϮ Ϩӫΰȴș』

Welcome to the Circus. Please check your souls in at the door.

Tags: semi-lit, open, romance, circus, role playing

blvdofbrkndrms Private 578 7
Welcome to the Circus- Circ de ciudati

Come one, come all to the Circus! Come enjoy the freak show and be dazzled, enchanted, and...possibly disturbed by our performers.

Tags: Role playing, Circus, Macabre, Performers, Carnival

The AcinaD Private 1,390 9
☼ Dark Woods Circus ☼

Welcome to the Circus of Freaks and Monsters. Enter if you dare...

Tags: Circus, Freak Show, Carnival, Circus Acts

Mirai_Cutiyama Public 839 8
Our Novel {Must be 18 or older to join}

Immerse yourself in literate role play and visit our bathouses, our university, karaoke bar and much more!! It all starts here!!!

Tags: Literate, Mature, Anime, Romance, Para to multi-para

Aaeon Lamentus Public 97 4
♣♥♠Ӻrom Ҭhe Ϣorld ϴf Ⱥlice Ⱥnd Ʉp♣♥♠

┌A roleplaying guild,welcome to all, semi-literate┐

Tags: Alice in Wonderland, Role Playing, Semi-Literate, Love, Faerie Tale

Janilyne Public 8 8
One Night Stand

Sign on the line and become one of us

Tags: One Night Stand, Fantasy, Gifted, Circus

Vupie Public 9 5
ℂome †o †he ℂarnival ωith Ӎe

A literate carnival/horror based roleplay

Tags: Circus, Carnival, Horror, Roleplay, Literate

Jezebel Fell Public 5 2
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