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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Republican Guild of Gaia [A Big Tent Republican Guild]

A Political-Debate Guild Aimed at Republican Users.

Tags: republican, conservative, debate, politics, moderate

Lord Bitememan Private 4,258 315
Darkness Capital Survival Force [DCSF] (Recruiting!!)

DCSF - A Military Guild, any one is invited, we will take over! But Sworn as we fight for a price!

Tags: Dark, Military, Apocalypse, Warfare, GaiaOnline

Epic Apocalypse Public 211 81
Only In Nightmares

Once the world is consumed by nothing but flesh eater's and those only out for themselves, how will you survive the world?

Tags: Zombie, Survival, Military, Roleplaying, Suspense

Cory Koshiomi Public 103 5
Heavy Political Discussion Guild

The Heavy Political Discussion Guild is a place where you can, as the name implies, discuss and debate politics.

Tags: politics, discussion, obama, america, debate

Thundah Cocks Public 327 30
The Political Maniacs!

Talk is cheap. Free speech isn't.

Tags: Political, Debate, Republicans, Democrats, Independents

General shadow1912 Public 265 21
Star Wars: Age of the Old Republic(an rp guild)U/C

Tags: Sith, Jedi, The Old Republic, Star wars

XxSelenaXxlli Private 1,845 1
Republican Party

Restoring Liberty and Prosperity to America

Tags: Republican, America, Politics, Prosperity, Liberty

General shadow1912 Public 351 90
United Socialist Republicans U.S.R

Our enemies are the weeaboos. Join us to defeat them.

Tags: Uganda, Russia, North Korea, Communism, Stalin

humpin Public 5 8
Celtic Private Security

Irish Mercenary Guild

Tags: Irish, Military, SEAL, Mercenary, Private Security

Irish1916 Alpha Public 1 1
ιlι Irish Republican Union ιlι

Facilitators and active private combatants

Tags: Military, Warfare, Private Military, Exo-Suits, Futuristic

Draco Starr Private 2 2
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