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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Republican Guild of Gaia [A Big Tent Republican Guild]

A Political-Debate Guild Aimed at Republican Users.

Tags: republican, conservative, debate, politics, moderate

Lord Bitememan Private 4,258 314
Heavy Political Discussion Guild

The Heavy Political Discussion Guild is a place where you can, as the name implies, discuss and debate politics.

Tags: politics, discussion, obama, america, debate

Thundah Cocks Public 327 30
The Congress of Gaia

A political safe haven.

Tags: Politics, Republican, Democrat, Third Party

Feminism Public 171 16
The Political Maniacs!

Talk is cheap. Free speech isn't.

Tags: Political, Debate, Republicans, Democrats, Independents

General shadow1912 Public 266 21
Star Wars: Age of the Old Republic(an rp guild)U/C

Tags: Sith, Jedi, The Old Republic, Star wars

XxSelenaXxlli Private 1,845 1
Darkness Capital Survival Force [DCSF] (Recruiting!!)

DCSF - A Military Guild, any one is invited, we will take over! But Sworn as we fight for a price!

Tags: Dark, Military, Apocalypse, Warfare, GaiaOnline

Epic Apocalypse Public 211 80
The Republican Party

Restoring Liberty and Prosperity to America

Tags: Republican, America, Politics, Prosperity, Liberty

General shadow1912 Public 353 92
United Socialist Republicans U.S.R

Our enemies are the weeaboos. Join us to defeat them.

Tags: Uganda, Russia, North Korea, Communism, Stalin

humpin Public 5 8
Celtic Private Security

Irish Mercenary Guild

Tags: Irish, Military, SEAL, Mercenary, Private Security

Irish1916 Alpha Public 1 1
Only In Nightmares

Once the world is consumed by nothing but flesh eater's and those only out for themselves, how will you survive the world?

Tags: Zombie, Survival, Military, Roleplaying, Suspense

Cory Koshiomi Public 103 5
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