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Dance with the Reefer

A community for stoners, medical marijuana users, and pot heads!!

Tags: marijuana, smoking pot, stoner, stoner hangout, weed

ZombiePANCAKE Private 39 12
RipCurl Reefers Omega_Klash Public 145 11
Harley Quinn's Play House!

A guild where Harley Quinn, Joker, and or Ivy Lovers can come and Discuss what ever they feel like discussing.

Tags: Dc Universe, Comics, Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn

Cannibalistic Trekkie Public 199 47
Ganja Goods

A guild for Marijuana lovers and Considerate, non-ignorant, non-smokers. :)

Tags: Ganja, Marijuana, Weed, Reefer, Dank

Ganja Goods Public 1,262 72
The Marijuana Guild

Welcome to the guild that revolves around the best plant ever grown!

Tags: bong, reefer, marijuana, cannabis, weed

Sylvester_DiMarco Public 12 1

Where the stoners play

Tags: Ganja, Marijuana, Stoners, Pothead's, Reefer

Cupcake Kush2 Public 8 2
the chilled guild

for gaian stoners of all descriptions

Tags: marijuana, reefer, weed, stoner, ambulance

ugly bag of mostly water Public 9 10

♦ Marijuana Based Guild- Peace, Love, and Weed. ♦

Tags: Reefer, Stoner, Munchies, Peace Pipe, Hippie

Pandora Riddlebox Public 21 1
☆~*-Isle ♣ De ♥ Reefer-*~☆

☆ A Stoner Paradise from the Loyalty of Others ☆

Tags: Medical Marijuana, Paradise, NORML, Stoner, Isle De Reefer

Pandora Riddlebox Private 34 1

This group is for stoners that love to smoke up and get baked. And it's for life dedicated stoners for life.

Tags: Weed, Cannabis, Stoners, Legalization, Legalize

Topacka Public 2 11
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