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[UN]Official base of Rooster Teeth Inc.

An Group for all RT/AH/Podcast/RWBY/ETC. Fans

Tags: Rooster Teeth, achievement hunter, RWBY, RT Podcast, Red vs Blue

The Dread Wolf Public 427 114
Red vs Blue: The Valhalla Chronicles

Tags: Red vs Blue, Freelancer, Halo, Hemorage, Sarge

Flawed Anubis Public 3,023 21
The Battle For Existence

The most intense sexy RED V.S. BLUE yet

Tags: Red v.s. Blue, Kampfer, Role Playing, Literate, Boom Boom

Yaroki Private 1,703 22
Red Vs. Blue Roleplay

We RP the everyday life in the training bases and I will select a few people to be freelancers.

Tags: Red Vs. Blue, Roosterteeth, Roleplay, Fighting, Halo

lvan The Russian Public 6,583 46
Z Rebuild [Closed]

The Freelancers from Red vs. Blue come together under the Director.

Tags: Red vs. Blue, Freelancer, Director, Church, Mission

lGlacier Public 132 12
Red vs. Blue Freelancer RPG

RvB Lovers UNITE!!

Tags: Red vs. Blue, Freelancer

iXx Cole xXi Public 2 1
DC and Marvel Universe: Heroes Unite

Be you're own DC or Marvel hero or be you're favorite. Be a hero and stop the villains in both worlds or be a villain and cause some chaos!!

Tags: DC Universe, Marvel Universe, Heroes, Villians, Good

PairsOsocks Public 2,757 20
Halo/Red vs Blue: New era of Soldiers

((This is not the mainstream RvB, this is about 100 years after that old spartans died that means all original RvB character are dead))

Tags: halo, redvsblue, Roosterteeth, Adventure, Action

Twinblade_Ashy Public 387 4
Halo - Project Freelancer: Reconstructed

A recreation of Project Freelance from Red vs. Blue

Tags: Halo, Red vs Blue, Freelancer, UNSC, Roleplay

Dante Vex Private 46 6
Blue Vs Red Freelancers

A small Xbox gaming clan, That is made of members that freelances for other clans when needed.

Tags: BluevsRed, RedvsBlue, Freelancer, Gaming, Clan

Black-Cat-Revenants Private 4 4
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