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DWMA: Start of a New Year

It's a new year at Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Tags: Soul Eater, DWMA, Weapons, Meisters

lavacommander Public 148 24
Oi theristés tis Gaías

The Reapers of Gaia

Tags: Reapers, Death, Unholy, Demonic, Assasins

SumDumBitch Public 7 13
Dead Like Me

The behind-the-scenes life of reapers

Tags: Reapers, Death, Comedy

Harriet_Houdini Private 4 3
~The Grim Reaper Dispatch Society~

~We do not Ask Questions, We do not Make Errors~

Tags: Grim Reaper, Reaper, Death, Society, Kuroshitsuji

dreamslay Public 1,796 9
Death Weapon Meister Academy (Soul Eater RP)

Role Playing Guild For The Gotei 13 RP Group

Tags: Soul Eater, Role Play, Death Weapon Meister Academy, Weapon Meister, Soul Eater RP

shikamaru5 Public 100 2
Reaper's School of Darkness

A school to help you become powerful.

Tags: magic, middle/high/school, Darkness/shadows, Blood, Reapers/death

kaoru 94 sensei Public 7,465 39

A great place to meet and Role-Play in the DWMA Academy!

Tags: Soul Eater, Shibusen, DWMA, RPing, Anime

chefichigo9 Private 5,628 20
*~Soul Rift Academy~*

We are Death, revenge, Soul, Rift, Academy, Life, School, Demon, Reaper, Angel, witch, warlock, Vampire, Werewolf, Horror, Magic, Blood

Tags: Reaper, Death, Academy, Magic, Blood

X Black Blooded Demon X Public 1,083 14
Reaper Death Guild

We take back the earth from the gods who changed humans to lost souls (demons) Also dont die that would be a trerrible mess to clean up:).

Tags: role playing game, death, reaper, shinigami, manga

Tatsuya Okami Public 45 14
Death Weapon Meister Academy (A.K.A) DWMA

Enjoy your time at DWMA ^w^

Tags: Soul Eater, Meister, Death Scythe

saya_akamaru17 Public 77 8
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