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Fluffy Guild of Doom

Often imitated, never duplicated

Tags: Random, Awesome, Epic, Poll, Gold

Satanic Kitten Private 269,291 17,040
The Official RolePlaying Guild of EPICNESS!!

Addicted to Role Playing? Well we are too!! Has EVERY kind of Role Play and accepts ALL Active Role Players. Come join the PARTY!!!!

Tags: Role Playing, RolePlaying, Competitions, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Slaves, Pets, Schools, Romance, love, Zombies, Mermaids, Adventure, Action, Horror, Randomness, EPICNESS, Awesomeness

Chrissyybearr Public 98,746 1,803
The Soul Reapers of the Soul Society Reborn!

You can be a Soul Reaper, Vizard, or Arrancar! Meet people and have fun!

Tags: Anime, Manga, Bleach, Roleplay

Kadan Tsukiyomi Private 1,973 16
Supa Supa Guiddy Guild

Thee best guild you could eva join!

Tags: awesome, random, epic, juicy, food

KickaSue Private 3,000 38
Serenity A Haven for Roleplayers

This guild is for the ones who like to RP, Write, and Read. There will be other stuff but mostly that. Hope you like it :)

Tags: RPing, Writers, Readers, Anime, Drawers

Ava850 Public 31,507 50
Awesomely Epic Guild

Guild for Random People~ Animefreaks~ Tetek lovers~ Home for all~

Tags: Random, Awesome, Epic, Anime, Tektek

Twisted Beats Public 272 1
Green Of Blue

Role Playing in the way of the teen world.

Tags: Role Playing, Anime, Teens, Life, Blogging

OwnKindOfParadise_92 Public 1,950 45

A hetalia role playing group.

Tags: Hetalia, Pasta, Role play, Fantasy, PARTY

kickblue Public 17 3
The Foofy Army Guild

A guild for pickels from all around the world.

Tags: Pickel, Foofy, Random, Awesome, Epic

lmFoofy Public 19 21
The Reckless

A Family of Recklessness

Gempaii Public 13 12
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