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Tales of Enigma

Fantasy Role-play Guild, with Battle System.

Tags: enigma, roleplay, battle, tales of enigma, forum

Hiro Leonheart Public 27 2
[S][S][E][D]-Naruto RP-[Guild] dany411 Public 1,445 8
{KHR-RP} The Famiglia

An RP and general discussion guild for the manga/anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Tags: katekyo, hitman, reborn, famiglia, mafia

Seeking Librium Public 319 8
Have You Seen My Mind? {Silent Hill RP}

A literate Silent Hill rp. {Open and Accepting}

Tags: SilentHill, RPGuild, Literate, Survival, Horror

Miss Meat Shield Public 823 20
The Writer's RPGuild Radioactive Sinner Private 3,447 2
phobos comics


Tags: zombie, survival, rpguild, paramilitary, undead

Xeith IL Nero Haiku Public 84 2
RPGuild for great stories

Roleplay, enjoy and live :)

elfen_lied_fan#1 Public 40 2
Cosmos City (an RPGuild)(Now Accepting!)

a fun random spontanious RPGuild with any subject u bring up!

Tags: cosmos, nero, ninja, role play, random

-NERO- the robot hero Public 37 8
Maids For Hire

Find lovely Maids and Butlers!

Tags: Maids, lolita, Aprons, Love, Masters

yodudeyousuck Public 134 19
The Ultimate Supernatural RP and Interest Based Guild

Have you ever wanted a place where you could go and talk with people who have the same interests as you? Well here it is.

Tags: Vampires, Anita Blake, Supernatural, Role Playing, Interest Based

Echo Everheart Public 9 6
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