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Results for "Quarreling"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
°~ The French SubaGaia Guild ~° MadEye01 Private 25,136 132
Only Wolves

A guild where there is no plot and it's nothing but wolves

Tags: Animals, Wolves, Roleplay, Wolf

Kiatala Public 6,855 42
Dark Elf Sanctuary & Tavern (Rp)

A Sanctuary to Rp and convers.

Tags: Dark Elf, Role Play, War of the Races, Tavern, Familial

Fearless Demon child Private 1,877 5
Fire Emblem Destinies


Tags: Fire Emblem, Nintendo, Medieval, Roleplay, Warfare

askem2 Public 158 13
Blood Rush Grounds {Undergoing Reconstruction}

Originally Vampire territory, these grounds are now occupied by Werewolves, Humans, Elves, etc. Will you join them?

Tags: Friendship, Blood, Romance, Roleplay, Wars

Leonidas Peridot Private 18,013 14
. : Across The Skies : .

Take flight through the stars

Tags: Roleplay, Sci-Fi, Space, Adventure

Black_Wolfs Public 80 7
Lunar Wolf Guardians

Guardians of the night.

Tags: Protection, Allies

SilentJ1 Private 15 2
Age of Zoo: The Zoo Dynasty

An world where the Age of Man is coming to an end, and the Age of Zoo shall rise in power

Tags: Fables, Animals, Futuristic, Action, Romance

Zemyx Unlimited Public 1,372 15
Wonderful Wonder-World

Tags: wonderland, fantasy, dark, alice in wonderland, fairy tale

Imaginary Nan Private 1,892 12

A role-playing guild for those of whom enjoy Fantasy and the true art of the arcane.

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Role-Play, Vampires, Werewolves

Silent_Sanguine Public 88 5
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