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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Pets and Animals Guild!

Tags: pets, animals, dogs, cats

Savage Destiny Public 125,966 14,718

Were-Item Guide

Tags: Furry, Lycan, Anthro, Clan, zOMG

Kangit Public 15,313 1,302
The Animals and Pets Guild

A place for all animal lovers and pet owners to get together and discuss their passion.

Tags: Dog,Puppies,Cat, Kittens,Birds,Reptiles, Livestock,Friends,Chat, Rodents,Fish,Disscussion

Subliminal Aftermath Private 1,943 535

Simple, pick a character and start rping

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, HARD Yaoi, SebaCiel, Romance, Drama

XEarl_Ciel_PhantomhiveX Public 417 16
Donate? help pooor needy gains NOW!!!

please help us we all need some help sometimes

Tags: gold, helping, gaians, charity, quest

iCuddleKins Public 64 1
Laffettian Rp

Everything everywhere....in relation to here and now and never.

Tags: everything, legends, multiverse, warfare, fluffy kitties

laffett Private 1,401 33
❤Cutie Patutie Brigade❤

Be cute here, or else.

Tags: cutie, patutie, brigade, adorable

but sempai Public 156 5
alpha super awesome cool dynamite wolf squadron

a guild for everything.....awesome

Tags: awesome, everything, cool, dynamite, wolf

Thoraxe_the_impaler124 Public 87 19
Nutcase Magnets

For friends of ours~

Tags: Friends, Derpy, Thats a tag, Puppies, Kittens

KitsuneFlawed Private 105 8
Letum Demorior

Overall they are the Canis; but you may also call them Skull Puppies!

Tags: puppies, skull, species, familiars

Foxeheneese Feastival Public 22 2
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