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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Rockers Unite


Tags: rock, rocker, music, slash, bands

Dopest_lee Public 21 47
Magical Forest of Shrooms

Tags: mushrooms, drugs, psychoactive, psychedelic, marijuana

Egyptian Beatdown Private 177 54
The Rock Roots Guild

The Perfect Guild For Music Lovers with Rock Hard Hearts

Tags: Rock, Punk, Metal, Emos, Music

Pukablu Public 68 27
Family and Friends of Addicts

Do you have a loved one with an addiction? Are you suffering from addiction yourself? Just need someone to talk to? Look no further.

Tags: Addiction, Alcohol, Support, Addicted, Addict

Aenha Private 91 7
Bricks in the Wall: A Pink Floyd guild

A guild for fans of Pink Floyd

Tags: Pink Floyd, Rock, Classic Rock, Roger Waters, psychedelic

Lonesome-Warrior73 Private 602 127
Psychedelic Plane

Fr all those trippers out there

LsdSpirit Public 13 6
The Curse Of The Red Pyramid

Be a god, half blood, or magician from ancient Egypt, and the series: Kane Chronicles

Tags: Egypt, Egyptian Gods, Magicians, The Red Pyramid, Amun Ra

shaokahn1 Public 405 15
Psy/Goa/Dark Trance

For lovers of Psytrance, Goa Trance and Dark Trance. Gather and share your own tracks or favourite tracks.

Tags: psytrance, goa trance, dark trance, psychedelic, spy trance

Varnek Public 2 1
Ganja Galaxy

This guild is based on the MFOG in Outer Space. Yup, we gone to the Stars!

Tags: Marijuana, MFOG, Space Weed, Stoner Friendly, Psychedelic

Pandora Riddlebox Public 23 5
Psytrance Guild

A guild for fans/producers/dj's/aficionados of Psytrance Goa trance, Israeli trance and all their many deriviatives and sub genres.

Tags: Psytrance, Trance, Dark, Psychedelic, Israeli

HxDeci Public 67 11
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