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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Supernatural and Paranormal Network

A guild all about the supernatural and paranormal, allowing for open discussion for believers and sceptics alike.

Tags: supernatural, paranormal, ghosts, psionics, magic

Lord Jagged Public 2,761 314
The Occult Research Society

A guild devoted to the study of the occult, in all its forms.

Tags: Magick, Psionics, Supernatural, Paranormal, Occult

Vanilla eXee Public 6,719 692
YUJATT : Cyber-Psionic Chronicle Database

For everything - E t e r n i t y . E u p h o r i a

Nja the Profound Light Public 1,850 123
Calamity Mind [U/C]

The human mind, such a big place full of knowledge and power, now that power has taken form

Tags: Psionic Energy, Guardian, Modern, Action, Anime Style

Hiroto of the light Public 27 13
~ Crowe's Gift

~ A normal summer, soon to become anything but....

Tags: Modern, Fantasy, Psionic, Original, Powers

Fickle Chance Private 18 4
Magick and Psionic Research Institute and Learning Center

Trying to understand the potential of the human mind, and the potency of the human spirit.

Tags: Occult, Supernatural, Magic, Psychic

Subrosian Private 22,762 410

TBA!! Come back soon!

Tags: psikit, psionics, shop, collectable, roleplaying

Lady Damatae Public 28 2
Invasion of the Shadows

Roleplay the story of my books.

Tags: Invasion of the Shadow, Zero's Tale, Rise of the Super's, Final Frontier, Final Hope

Commander Aran Private 957 1
PSYREN: Obey The Call

Welcome to the game of PSYREN, please escape the game or die. Recieve your powers and fight your way thourgh PSYREN!!!

Tags: Manga, Anime, PSYREN, Psionic, Roleplay

Ice X Shadow Public 1,234 26
Overcome (Open for Test Run)

Overcome is the center for the next forced stage in human evolution. How will they hold off the world?

Tags: Fighting, Military, Romance, Super Powers, Literate

Shinkoshoku Public 136 3
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