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The Occult Research Society

A guild devoted to the study of the occult, in all its forms.

Tags: Magick, Psionics, Supernatural, Paranormal, Occult

Vanilla eXee Public 6,728 682
Rules of RP Octavion Calixto Public 3 1
The Supernatural and Paranormal Network

A guild all about the supernatural and paranormal, allowing for open discussion for believers and sceptics alike.

Tags: supernatural, paranormal, ghosts, psionics, magic

Lord Jagged Public 2,762 312
Magick and Psionic Research Institute and Learning Center

Trying to understand the potential of the human mind, and the potency of the human spirit.

Tags: Occult, Supernatural, Magic, Psychic

Subrosian Private 22,762 410
YUJATT : Cyber-Psionic Chronicle Database

For everything - E t e r n i t y . E u p h o r i a

Nja the Profound Light Public 1,850 123
The Temple of the Ages: In pursuit of Paranormal Knowledge

A guild for the trading of knowledge on all things supernatural and paranormal

Tags: Paranormal, Psionics, Wicca, Magick, Therian

Niccolo Salomanos Private 5,152 22

TBA!! Come back soon!

Tags: psikit, psionics, shop, collectable, roleplaying

Lady Damatae Public 28 2
Invasion of the Shadows

Roleplay the story of my books.

Tags: Invasion of the Shadow, Zero's Tale, Rise of the Super's, Final Frontier, Final Hope

Commander Aran Private 957 1
PSYREN: Obey The Call

Welcome to the game of PSYREN, please escape the game or die. Recieve your powers and fight your way thourgh PSYREN!!!

Tags: Manga, Anime, PSYREN, Psionic, Roleplay

Ice X Shadow Public 1,234 25
Dark Elysium

A Continent Spanning Fantasy Adventure

Tags: Magic, Science fiction, Psychic, supernatural, medieval

Snergy1990 Public 15 3
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