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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Camp Half-Blood: A Demigod's Hope {CHB RP}

Tags: Percy Jackson, Olympians, Roleplay, Greek Mythology

Cinna-it Private 15,594 57

Nearly ALL the WORLD'S Myths, Monsters, Gods, Goddess, Heroes, Quests, Adventures, Mortals, Modern World

Tags: Mythologies, Modern world, Demigods, Monsters, Ultimate Adventures

Shadowfire Rynn Public 1,260 69
Fallout: Waiting for Death

Work in progress

Tags: Brotherhood of Steel, Apocalyse, Fallout, Enclave, Wasteland

Ayperos Phantom Public 24 10

A greek gods roleplay with a spin

Tags: Greek Gods, High School, Camping

B-b-b-bee Public 168 12
Envoy of The Hollow Worlds

This is a cross over role play guild that incorporates multiple animes/shows

Tags: Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Code Lyoko, Fantasy

Metternich Private 2,851 14
Fallout: The Enclave States of America

Rebuilding America's Future Today!

Tags: Fallout Series, Enclave, News, Gaming, Other

Duhh Its AJ Public 17 7
Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter || Lucky Number 13

It's been 13 years since the last Titan war.. Will they strike again?

Tags: Camp Half Blood, Camp Jupiter, Demigods, Roman, Greek

Skylar Sacrifice Public 1,795 14
Children of Divine --- CLOSED

A demigod rp. Mortals are trying to escape the control of the gods by going after their children. A camp is in place-Won't you help?

Tags: Demigod, Greek, Mythology, Role Play, Literate

sinfully sagittarius Private 336 1
Tо Оvєятняощ Оlумpцs [ ᴘᴊᴏ / uc ]

To overthrow Olympus is to commit suicidal treachery...

Tags: Percy Jackson, Mount Olympus, Greek Gods, Battle, Violence

iUberUber l33t Public 715 16
Olympus Has Fallen

When the world forget's the gods, the gods will strike back.

Master Icefyre Public 24 3
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