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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Pokemon Battle Guild W/ Gijinka RP (under construction)

A certain mad scientist had preformed experiments on pokemon and found a way to turn them Human.Now they are trying to adapt to a new lif

Tags: Pokemon, Role play, Pokehuman, Gijinka, adventure

nocturnal nick Public 1,691 10

Turn your favorite pokemon into a person and have fun! Please read rules first!

Tags: people, pokemon, roleplay, gaming, humanoid

Kissu-Krissy Public 7 4
Pokemon: The PokeHuman Sagas!!!

If you want the be the very best...Fight for it!!

Tags: Pokemon, PokeHumans, Master&Slave, Fighting/Battle, Uke/Seme

Masochistic Purity Public 10 1
Pokehuman revolution RP guild

RPing,Pokehuman,and OCs

Tags: Pokehuman, RPing, Pokemon, Possibly sparking OC romance, DBZ animes

N sylveon Public 1 1
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