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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
RaDiCaLs for PETA and free will!! shadowpunk360 Private 93 10
soon to be the PETA/Peta2 Guild! x Hopelessly Hopeful x Private 483 65

A place for young Animal Rights Activists

Tags: Peta, Peta2, Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal Rights

Amy-Jocelyn Public 66 23
Stop the Cruelty Towards Animals !~

help stop animal testing,abuse,and support Peta!

Tags: animals, abuse, testing, help stop this crime!

MissNIGHTMARExxx Public 17 16

Meats No Treat For Those Who Eat

Tags: peta, animals, cruelty, killing, slaughter

x_Bella Luna_xx Public 2 1
Peta2 Street Team

For Vegans, Vegetarians, or just Animal Lovers. c:

Tags: Peta2, Peta, Animal Rights, Vegetarian, Vegan

CannibaICorpse Public 15 14
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