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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The National Wolf Society (NWS)

This is a group made for all wolves/werewolves/foxes to come together in peace.

Tags: Society, Epicness, Cookies, FullMoon, Wolf

King William de Frost Public 256 209
The Demigod Games

A crossover guild of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Hunger Games! Currently Accepting!

Tags: Roleplay, Percy Jackson, olympians, Hunger Games, Crossover

Mr Vitamin C-ya Private 9,692 13
Hunger Games: Dawn of a New Panem


Tags: Hunger, Games, Panem, Mutts, Districts

Angel Sterling Private 360 10
United States Coloial Marines Gaian Sector

"The only good bug is a dead bug"-USCM grunt

Tags: military, roleplaying, alien, predator, alien versus predator

Colonel Nikoli Public 125 1
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

We are a peacekeeping group, Our mission is to create peace.

Tags: NATO, Unity, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Peacekeepers

CaptainKillbot Private 5,168 256
The Final XIII

The Next Chapter in the Kingdom Hearts saga

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Organization 13, Nobodies, XIII

Noxaus_XIII Public 114 20
Black Bird: Next Gen. ( OPEN/Accepting )

Every 100 years, a special girl is born, the 'Senka'. The Senka must choose a Clan Leader of Monsters to marry, otherwise be eaten by them.

Tags: Romance, Comedy, Action, Role playing, Japanese Myths

Lady Shimizu Public 372 17
Bloody Shadows, Act I (An Azura SH. RP guild)

In a peaceful city, two powerful factions go head to head in a battle for supremacy.

Tags: combat, powers, adventure, future, survival

Kura_no_okami Private 10 7
Interspecies Protection Act

A Monster-Human Roleplay

Tags: Monster, Vampire, Mermaids, Dragons, Werewolves

Kagimaru Jared Private 498 2
Fennec International

An organization that is looking to expand globally and expand into all sectors be it military or retail.

Tags: world domination, evil, military, global, organization

scinnzer Private 40 16
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