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Tags: Steam Punk, Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Dark and Light, Good and Evil

Arcine Public 6,484 36
The Blank Slate Estates

The drama and adventure found on the estates built upon a land ruled by Chaotic Magic.

Tags: Blank, Slate, Estates, Gatehouse, Tavern

Pleasantly Ridiculous Private 33 3
Paradoxal Charm narujii Private 297 7
"The gods too are fond of a joke."

A roleplaying guild for literate roleplayers.

Tags: death, fantasy, magical, mythical, imaginary

Hkiwi Jay Kyshigi Public 1,275 8
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Nexus

The Second Morphing Jar of YGO Guilds

Tags: yugioh, gaming, anime, cards, tournament

Delta Four Sicilian Public 2,921 192
Cascade of Chronicles

There are more worlds than there are stars in the sky, and even more adventures and history in each. History you could make...

Tags: Graft, Cascade, Chronicle, roleplay, reality

Graftesarcane Public 341 3
Metal Sanctum

Metal is a vast and enthralling experience. Your sound quest ends here and begins here. We cover every aspect that you love.

Tags: Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Classic Rock

Bubonic Metal Public 1,409 350
Jikan to kūkan Meiro [Time & Space Labyrinth] /TBA/

Contiuum of Destined Parallel's

Tags: battle

Genesis XVIII Public 149 4
Wonderful Wonder-World

Tags: wonderland, fantasy, dark, alice in wonderland, fairy tale

Imaginary Nan Private 1,892 12
Proteus Paradox

We are a family to donate, and help people about of the Inflation, we range around Rallies, Towns, and Towns 2.

Tags: Family, United, Role-Play, Proteus, Paradox

DirtierSenpai Public 7 4
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