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✖ War on Titan ✖ A Literate RP {U/C}

Our own roleplay of The Hunger Games. Who will fall, and who will survive?

Tags: Hunger Games, Tributes, Panem, Fight to the Death, Survival

OriSODEhime Private 485 11
Peace Through Panem

Tags: Hunger, Games, Peace, Panem, Rebellion

Original Alice Cullen Private 3,823 2
Hunger Games: Dawn of a New Panem


Tags: Hunger, Games, Panem, Mutts, Districts

Wynter Elwyn Private 322 14

Natrual Rights Theory by John Locke? The people of Panem have never heard of this. Maybe you should see for yourself exactly how bad it is..

Tags: panem, HungerGames, TakeDwnTheCapitol, funn

BVBarmy4life Public 1,092 4
The Games

A Hunger games roleplay (U/C)

Tags: The Hunger Games, Roleplay, Games, Movies, Books

Kai Sparrowheart Public 1,420 24
The last Hunger Games

You must fight to stay alive

Tags: Hunger games, Survival, Drama, action, Romance

Geek Sama Private 3,522 25
Deadly Games

A dark fantasy twist to the Hunger Games.

Tags: Hunger Games, The Hunger Games, Fantasy, Vampires, Mythological Creatures

Acidic Corruption Public 1,162 17
40th Annual Hunger Games

Within Panem, All is forced to watch a show where teens 12-18 fight and kill each other until there is one left standing.

Tags: Hunger Games, Panem, Roleplay, Fight to the death, Literate

WhitePrinceOfWonderland Private 2,914 8
Tales of Panem

A semi-literate to literate Hunger Games roleplay. Join us for the Third Quarter Quell!

Tags: The Hunger Games, Quarter Quell, Catching Fire, District 13, Semi-Literate to Literate

Violet the Maestro Private 429 19
Panem: A World Reborn

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Tags: hunger games, breedables, humans, Panem

BastetAmun Private 15 3
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