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41st Annual Hunger Games

Within Panem, All is forced to watch a show where teens 12-18 fight and kill each other until there is one left standing.

Tags: Hunger Games, Action, Mature, Roleplay, Literate

WhitePrinceOfWonderland Private 3,127 14
✖ War on Titan ✖ A Literate RP {U/C}

Our own roleplay of The Hunger Games. Who will fall, and who will survive?

Tags: Hunger Games, Tributes, Panem, Fight to the Death, Survival

OriSODEhime Private 485 11
The Games

A Hunger games roleplay (U/C)

Tags: The Hunger Games, Roleplay, Games, Movies, Books

Kai Sparrowheart Public 1,420 24
The last Hunger Games

You must fight to stay alive

Tags: Hunger games, Survival, Drama, action, Romance

Bo-Bae Eun Private 3,522 26
Deadly Games

A dark fantasy twist to the Hunger Games.

Tags: Hunger Games, The Hunger Games, Fantasy, Vampires, Mythological Creatures

Acidic Corruption Public 1,162 17
Peace Through Panem

Tags: Hunger, Games, Peace, Panem, Rebellion

Original Alice Cullen Private 3,823 2
Tales of Panem

A semi-literate to literate Hunger Games roleplay. Join us for the Third Quarter Quell!

Tags: The Hunger Games, Quarter Quell, Catching Fire, District 13, Semi-Literate to Literate

Violet the Maestro Private 429 19
Panem: A World Reborn

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Tags: hunger games, breedables, humans, Panem

BastetAmun Private 15 3
Hunger Games: Dawn of a New Panem


Tags: Hunger, Games, Panem, Mutts, Districts

Angel Sterling Private 360 10
Wonderful World Of Panem

In the world of beautiful Panem!

sweety techno Public 4 46
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