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Find the P.L.U.R.

This is a guild for everyone to find the plur!

Tags: Deejay, Music, Kandi, Ravers, PLUR

DJ Colvin Public 105 67
Rave Universe

Welcome to a universe governed by glowsticks and dance music.

Tags: Rave, dubstep, techno, yaoi, yuri, romance, role play, love, party, plur, glow stick, high school, college, fantasy, vampire, werewolf, club, furry

Deathgod of Legend Private 2,795 94
The Kandi Guild

A place for kandi kids, ravers, plur warriors, and the like.

Tags: kandi, kandi kid, plur, plur warrior, rave

brandenstagram Private 42 13
Ravers of Gaia

Tags: Rave, Kandiekids, Electronic music, Music, Underground culture

Baby-x_Molly Private 2,018 398
Miley Cyrus Haters Unite

4 those ppl who make a difference in this world and come foreward to say i hate miley cyrus

Tags: blank

Arantir Skeletonsu Public 607 508
Kandi Kid's Paradise

A place for ravers and kandi kids to chill out.

Tags: kandi, rave, lightshow, PLUR, PLURR

Tigcat2 Public 413 30
Ⓡainbow Ⓝoodles Ⓒharity 。◕‿◕。

We're all epic here.

Tags: Noodles, Rainbow, Charity, Contests, Friends

iDucki XD Private 10,814 57
The Gloving Guild

This guild's purpose is to bring together all the glovers on Gaia. To socialize. To teach. To learn. To unite.

Tags: Gloving, Raving, PLUR, Trance, Light Shows

Asian` Private 18 8
Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repat

A new more active RAVE guild since most seem to be inactive. Talk your favorite artist or introduce new artists/music. Open to ALL RAVERS!

Tags: ElectronicDanceMusic, Trance, Techno, Rave, EatSleepRaveRpeat

Benji95x Public 3 5
Welcome To Angelisa's World

Welcome to the world of equality and good karma; step inside for guidence, direction, and just plain old good fasion conversation about life

Tags: Life, Feelings, PLUR, Friends, Gossip

Angelisaa Public 2 4
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