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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Ⓡainbow Ⓝoodles Ⓒharity 。◕‿◕。

We're all epic here.

Tags: Noodles, Rainbow, Charity, Contests, Friends

iDucki XD Private 10,814 57
Miley Cyrus Haters Unite

4 those ppl who make a difference in this world and come foreward to say i hate miley cyrus

Tags: blank

Arantir Skeletonsu Public 607 507
Kandi Kid's Paradise

A place for ravers and kandi kids to chill out.

Tags: kandi, rave, lightshow, PLUR, PLURR

Tigcat2 Public 413 30
Find the P.L.U.R.

This is a guild for everyone to find the plur!

Tags: Deejay, Music, Kandi, Ravers, PLUR

DJ Colvin Public 107 69
Rave Universe

Welcome to a universe governed by glowsticks and dance music.

Tags: Rave, dubstep, techno, yaoi, yuri, romance, role play, love, party, plur, glow stick, high school, college, fantasy, vampire, werewolf, club, furry

Deathgod of Legend Private 2,795 94
The Gloving Guild

This guild's purpose is to bring together all the glovers on Gaia. To socialize. To teach. To learn. To unite.

Tags: Gloving, Raving, PLUR, Trance, Light Shows

Asian` Private 18 8
Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repat

A new more active RAVE guild since most seem to be inactive. Talk your favorite artist or introduce new artists/music. Open to ALL RAVERS!

Tags: ElectronicDanceMusic, Trance, Techno, Rave, EatSleepRaveRpeat

Benji95x Public 3 5
Welcome To Angelisa's World

Welcome to the world of equality and good karma; step inside for guidence, direction, and just plain old good fasion conversation about life

Tags: Life, Feelings, PLUR, Friends, Gossip

Angelisaa Public 2 4
The Kandi Guild

A place for kandi kids, ravers, plur warriors, and the like.

Tags: kandi, kandi kid, plur, plur warrior, rave

brandenreid Private 43 13
Kandi Kids Unite!

This is guild for ravers, kandi kids, and everyone who loves EDM!

Tags: Kandi, Kandi Kid, Electric Daisy Carnival, Rave, Rave Fam

princess chubby bunny Public 2 3
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