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Uta no Prince-sama: Fanguild

Here, fans for this will gather to debate, discuss, ship, love, and adore Utapri!

Tags: Uta no Prince sama, Utapri, Starish, Otome game, Maji love 1000%

Ensyo Phinilind Public 31 15
Weiss Schwarz guild

Anime trading card game

Tags: card game, bushiroad, anime, weiss schwarz, white black

Lee Brent Public 311 27
~Dialovers: A Diabolik Lovers Roleplay Page~

A guild for fans of Diabolik Lovers. Here you can rp with the Sakamaki's and Mukami's.

Tags: Diabolik Lovers, Vampire, Blood, anime, Role-play

RikaSuoh Public 18,358 22
Heart no Kuni no Alice{Alice in the Country of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland

Tags: Roleplaying, Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Wonderland

Heta-chan Public 353 37
[Amnesia] [AMNEƧIA] [アムネシア]

A guild for people who love the Anime and Game AMNEƧIA. Let us support Heroine, Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma, Ukyo, Waka, and Orion!

Tags: Amnesia, Romance, Otome, Bishounen, Game

Mizushima Kazeha Public 113 90

For those who are not afraid to risk their life while being with thirsty vampires.

Tags: Reverse Harem, Otome Game, DIABOLIK LOVERS, Anime, Game

SharpAmethyst Public 58 7
Diabolik Lovers ::: Open

A guild based on the anime series DL!

Tags: vampires, otome, diaboliklovers, anime, reverseharem

ChocoPastry Private 637 55
☾Diabolik Lovers ::: Haunted Dark Bridal☽

A guild based on the Diabolik Lovers anime/game. Even if you haven't seen the anime, feel free to join anyway! We would love to have you. :3

Tags: diabolik lovers, anime, vampires, otome, game

Beware The Bridget Public 21 14
Moe can change!+

Moe can change! & Animal boyfriend rp guild & discussion

Tags: moe can change, Animal boyfriend, otome, anime, roleplay

Marceline-chan Public 8 3
The World of Otome Games

A guild for the Otome Lovers in the World

Tags: otome games, dating sim, voltage inc, Visual Novels, otome lover

Terri Levaincois Private 39 5
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