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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Galactic Empire: The Official Star Wars Guild

The Official Star Wars guild since it's creation nearly 8 years ago. Join the Empire, be part of the legacy.

Tags: Star Wars, Official, Jedi, Sith, Empire

Grand_Admiral_Thrawn Private 185,398 697
(╄) є đ э η (╄) ::s/m rp::

A literate slave/master roleplay guild for mature Gaians.

Tags: slave, master, roleplay, fighting, mature

Oneirocritica Private 12 1
Organization for Global Good

We shall together rid this corrupt world of evil and create a new world filled with peace.

Tags: Peace, World, Organization, Gang, Oligarchy

jasper hyuga Public 1 2
Gun Owner Support

Support for gun owners here in the United States and around the world.

Tags: guns, second, arms, constitution, freedom

The Bird Queen Public 0 1
Xenos Corps

Military Corps

Tanksmeow Public 29 6
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