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Results for "Okiya"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
.:Nitta Okiya:. ~Nitta~ Sayuri Public 1,253 1
An Element of beauty: A Geisha Roleplay. summer2548 Public 1,408 22
The Flower and the Willow: A Geisha Roleplay catgirlnat Private 1,951 41
Kyoto .:The Imperial City:. Yoshuzumi Public 14 4
Juunishi no Geisha: Geisha of the Zodiac

Join the mysterious Geisha who are housed by their Zodiac animal!

Tags: Geisha, Zodiac, Japan, Role Playing

Tora Yukino Private 233 11
富菊 Tomikiku Okiya

Home of the Maiko and Geiko of Kyoto's Gion Higashi

Tags: geisha, maiko, geiko, okiya, hanamachi

reika_yoshida Public 1 1
Hotoke Okiya

A roleplay and chat group, set with a Japanese theme.

Tags: Geisha, Okiya, Japan, Japanese, Roleplay

Lady Rowena Nightshade Public 2 1
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