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A place for philosophers, scientists, and theologians to gather as one.

Tags: philosophy, history, occult, theology, education

Michael Noire Private 34,594 221
The Penpals Guild

Meet and talk with penpals from around the world!~

Tags: countries, foreign, penpals, language, people

kakkujapojat Private 13 3
Warrior Cats of the Stars

The clans have a new destiny! New clans are coming, and every cat can choose their own destiny!

Tags: warriors, clans, role playing, erin hunter, cats

Westice Private 7,030 34
Noir Mansion

A Black Butler type RolePlay

Tags: black, butler, dark, mansion, roleplay

inuka-sama Public 107 24
✥ Black Noir Academy ✥ (Closed/Rebuilding)

A place for misfits where they can be themselves and their strangeness is welcomed and encouraged.

Tags: Dark, Fantasy, Life, Misfits, Romance

Cursed1217 Private 2,197 26
The Smoking Gun: A Noir Roleplay Guild

1949, Chicago. High times in a crime-ridden city. What do you stand for, money or justice?

Tags: film, noire, cops, detective, roleplay

Claire Hollystone Public 5 12
The Journey of Tears

A World of despair, three races rebeling against one another. Who shall prevail?

Tags: Kingdom, Wars, Demons, Half Breeds, Adventure

Neko in a Boxx Public 6 5
The Harewood Files

An offshoot of the Dresden Files

Tags: Harry Dresden, occult, magic, modern, noir

LadyEladrin Public 748 5
Noir's Sanctum

Powered Faction- making friends and becoming family.

Tags: Military, Family, Faction, Roleplay, Donate

Henrietta Reaver Private 51 14
Skylanders' Adventures

A private Skylander Roleplaying guild, where the Skylanders are not who you think.

Tags: Skylanders, role playing, original, characters, Elements

Brooke Stream Private 99 25
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