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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
~Let's Speak Japanese~ Grevlin Private 6,831 744
Learn To Speak Japanese!

A Guild for learning how to speak Japanese on a daily basis!

Tags: Learn, Japanese, Nihongo, Speak, Japan

Great_Aku_Ha Public 4,201 900
日本語 Japanese Language

Speak or study Japanese together with other members!

Tags: Japanese, Language, Nihongo, Chat, Study

Sleepy Otaku Public 66 36
みんなの日本語 [Minna no Nihongo]  KurenaiSaki Private 5,391 85

All about Learning Japanese or Loving Japan

Alice Draken Private 63 1
✿ρíχεℓρяøṃïѕєṡ | ¢hαяïτÿ | ģυíl∂!

guild featuring the charity thread, "✿ρíχεℓρяøṃïѕєṡ"! where you can hangout and talk about anything!

Tags: funn, free, items, gold, chat

i eat poops Private 901 2
Japanese conversation - beyond weeaboos ・ ダンノの日本語組

Practise your Japanese with other people who are learning. Weeaboos who just know "hai" and "kawaii" not welcome.

Tags: Japan, speak, practise, nihongo, language

Danno Public 34 11

Otakus from CDO

Tags: cdotaku, anime, manga, pinoy, CDeO

Screened Lulu Public 78 15

Online Japanese learning community!

Tags: Japanese, Japan, Club, Nihongo, Kurabu

wakige Private 711 56

A place to have fun learning Japanese and Meeting New People

Tags: role playing, Japanese, learning, contests, Manga

Tai Yukimura Public 39 11
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