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Another "Make Your Own Story" Guild of Nightwalkers.

Tags: Nightwalkers, Evil, Creatures, Zardcondegills, Alien

x_ii_kitten_ii_x Public 11 12
Sanguine Coven

Vampire, Sanguine, Coven, Role play, any other race

Lady Marceline Public 48 15
Demonic New York : Vampire/Lycan/Tainted/Hunter RP ((ERV))

The war of the vampires, demons, lycanthropes and hunters.

Tags: vampire, demon, lycan, hunter, roleplay

Rikku de Lioncourt Private 241,955 1,578
NightWalkers*LightWalkers (romance,drama rp)

Weither you live in the day or at night, your all welcome

Tags: roleplay, neko, chat, name, anime

ReaLynn2234 Public 7,029 2
Infected Blood (Under Construction)

The war between vampires, werewolves, hunters, demons, and elves continues. Who are you with?

Tags: Vampires, Lycans; werewolves, Hunters, Demons, Elves, Role-Play

BOG sane psycho Private 308 26
SideShow, The Guild

SideShow is a underground webshow that follows a handful of misfits, the guild connects them to Gaia Online

Tags: webshow, jackass, robot chicken, youtube, xsideshowx

xsideshowx Public 7 8
Nightwalkers of the Crimson Wish

Have you become a Nightwalker?

Tags: Horror, Gothic, Anime/Manga, Angel, Demon

LunarRoseOfNight Private 339 13
Assassin Kill Company Contracts

Taking all members.

Tags: Assassin, Contracts

kelp-kun Public 208 38
Fluffy Club,So Soft Omg! Tee Hee

A guild for the fuzziest of People.

Tags: fuzzy, funny, cute, penguin, best

kelp-kun Public 4 3
The Final Sanctum

Family guild, welcome to our family.

Tags: Family, welcome, boredom, hangout, friends

Deaths Condolences Public 12 13
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