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Dark Light Acadamy

RP Guild for all types of races. The RPs take place in an acadamy. Best place for RP. Were just starting off so get races now!

Tags: Myth, Races, Werewolves, Old Ones, Vampires

iiBatBoy-x Public 440 16
Chocolate and Crumpets - Renovating!

Don't be discouraged by the name -- we're still looking for new role players! :3

Tags: Role play, Original Character, Neko, Steampunk, Anime

Folle De Toi Private 3,443 8
The RP Society [Under Construction]

A role playing city. Be a student, or just stay at home.

Tags: Community, Action, Romance, Love, Anime

Mitsuko Kichida Public 307 39
¢αғѐ ¢яυsαɗєяȿ

Two supernatural ϲαғѐ running sisters compete to be the best! Whose side are you on?

Tags: Cafe, Neko, Supernatural, Literate, Anime

Chipmunk Giggles91 Public 1,730 4
Dead Planet : A Zombie RP Guild

A zombie virus has broken out on a planet colonized by Earth. Will you survive?

Tags: Zombie, Apocolypse, RolePlay, Survival, Virus

DG The Wanderer Private 26,869 131
~* Astraea Hill Catholic School*~

Welcome to the all girls Catholic School.

Tags: strawberry panic, Yuri, School, Catholic, Astraea Hill

Shade-Innocent-Uke Private 124 3
♥Sacred Hearts Academy♥

Welcome to Sacred Hearts Academy! We welcome all races from A to Z!

Tags: Sacred Hearts, Hearts, Sacred, Love Romance, academy

Lethal Marauder Private 128 5
Orphanage Of The Unwanted

This Orphanage Takes In Children From All Walks Of Live And Of Any Age Or Race

Tags: Orphanage, Races, Unwanted, Roleplaying, Childern

Marastla Public 13 1
Aurora Academy (Newly Opened As Of 12/30/12)

This is an Academy for all different species from demon to human (NO gods or goddesses)

Tags: Academy, Demon, Angle, Neko, wolf

Dee_Ninja_636 Public 330 7
Facing The Truth

When war threatens again, this three worlds must react...

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Roleplay, Gods and Goddesses

Who333 Public 449 1
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