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Zombie Armaggedon (Semi-Lit)

Zombie attack, Your still alive..........Wtf do you think we are going to be doing?

Tags: Zombies, Weapons, Killing, Action

xxx_Mist_of_shadows_xxx Private 1,233 21
◆ The Nail Care Guild

A guild devoted to nail care, art, health and beauty.

Tags: Nail art, Nail polish, Nail care, Contests, Discussion

caneriva Private 2,399 89
The Dresden Files Guild

Dedicated to the works of Jim Butcher, Dresden Files and Codex Alera

Tags: Dresden, Alera, Butcher, Magic

Shade Anam Nightsbane Public 2,180 202
HOTD Next Generation

Almost 30 years after the last zombie was killed on earth, things seem to be back to normal. That is untill a new breed of zombie's arrive.

Tags: HOTD, Zombies, Semi-Literate, killing, blood

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,275 7
The Dead Walk! ((ACCEPTING))

A realistic zombie apocalypse Guild.

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, Realism, Survival, Horror

ComradetheMedic Public 1,272 9
✪ Holoden [space roleplay]

A space roleplay built on adventure and greed. Ready to make your mark in our legends?

Tags: Space, roleplay, Adventure, Holoden

SecondSetback Public 12 2
The Twin Keys

War plagues the land. Races going against races with little hope for the future. The key to survival lies within the legend of the Twin Keys

Tags: Role playing, Angels, Ghosts, Vampires, Demons

DemonLordAthea Public 5,180 27
Lost world Izalith

a demon/angel/lycan/vampire/war/romance rp

Tags: demon, vampire, werewolf, angel, role play

darkiscool2 Public 226 3
>Made You Look

Commissions, art trades, and requests galore!

Tags: anime, cartoon, commission

TwistedxJuggalo Public 167 27
Trials of the Hearrte ● Lathspell

Delve into the stories of the Hearrte.

Tags: Hearrte, Heaven, Fantasy, Original, Dungeons and Dragons

Mad Science Public 3 1
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