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The Character & Story Development Guild

Through discussion and feedback, we aim to help Gaians improve their writing and overcome the dreaded writer's block.

Tags: writing, stories, character, development, feedback

Demona McRae Public 4,594 417
The Lucky Noodle

B/C Pet shop guild

Mameha Otome Public 116,010 409

For your Daily Dose of Randomness!

Tags: Random, Gaia, Info, Items, Much Much More

Sen Yoshida Public 56,625 19,525
Yu Yu Hakusho When Parody takes over

What happens when Yu Yu Hakusho and Parody mix? Many Fun Stories

Tags: Parody, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei

Star Stealing Kidd Public 38,668 63
Vampire and human romance academy

A school for humans and vampires!!!

Tags: Vampire, Human, Academy, Romance, Role play

xX-Venom90-Xx Public 29,053 162
~Gorillaz Take Over~

A place for all Gorillaz fans!

Tags: Fans, Gorillaz, Music, discussion, Noodle

MissLovedChi Private 21 14
Ⓡainbow Ⓝoodles Ⓒharity 。◕‿◕。

We're all epic here.

Tags: Noodles, Rainbow, Charity, Contests, Friends

iDucki XD Private 10,814 57
OMG!The Kawaii Sexy Panda(awesomeness!)

it free to join plus contest and fun!

lucy heartfillas Public 4 3
A.F.F (art fashion and friends)

this is acadeny for gaians to show of their art skills, writing awesome poems, and making new friends please enjoy :3

Tags: Wildlife art, Introductions, poems, Fan art, Avatar art

CIockwork Cat Public 165 38
Draw a Circle, That's the Earth (A Hetalia Guild)

A place to discuss everything Hetalia.

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, Webcomic, Discussion, Cosplay

Level Max Public 104 31
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