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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Naruto Yaoi Writers' Guild

A guild for Naruto Yaoi readers and writers. We support all Naruto Yaoi pairings.

Tags: yaoi, Naruto, fanfiction, writing

visualkeikid Public 9 7
Infected With Pregnancy: Guild Edition

A place to Role Play Pregnancy! We welcome and encourage Mpreg.

Tags: Pregnancy, Mpreg, Zombie, Infected, Babies

meiperfectneina19 Private 13,174 156
~The Official MPreg + Yaoi Guild!~ ~The+MPreg+Fairy~ Public 585 33
Fullmetal Alchemist Guild! For adventurous Rpers! Edward Elric ( Fullmetal) Private 3 2
LOVE ATTACK!!! The Yaoi and Shounen Ai Guild

A place for boy's love rping.

Tags: yaoi, boy's love, literate, semi literate, roleplaying

Zelici DragonSquire Public 3,475 48
Organization XIII KH RP

Tags: kingdom hearts, organization xiii, yaoi

iEugeneFitzherbert Public 6,364 8
Axis Powers: Hetalia Roleplay Guild

If you like APH then you might as well join in on the RP~!

Tags: Axis Powers Hetalia, Hetalia, Romance, Roleplay

Otulissa Public 364 39
Yaoi Roleplay

Yaoi, Yuri, Roleplay, Pollyamorous, Weird, Awesome,

Tags: Yaoi, Yuri, Pollyamorous, Roleplay, Bored

CY83RV01D Private 3 5
Kpop Role Playing~

Role play as your favorite korean artist or actor

Tags: kpop, role playing, korean

KpopKitty Public 116 4
♡ ℱurry ℬoys ♡

Welcome to a guild where you can enjoy your love of furries and yaoi ♡

Tags: role play, vampire, werewolf, boy love,, furry, university, yaoi, school, mpreg, slave, maid, waitress, smile, master, private

Skellyfied Private 4,034 99
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