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The Army of Helaman (LDS / Mormon)

LDS / Mormon Guild

Tags: Latter-Day Saint, Mormon, Religion, Safe, Clean

paladin140 Private 90,279 880
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

For those that are interested in learning about the Mormon faith and to improve your testimony of Christ

Tags: Mormon, Christ, Latter-Day Saints, Family, Joesph Smith

kronokross Public 2,094 156
Gaia Towns Ward

A fun, clean place for LDS people to come and hang out. (This guild is currently inactive.)

Tags: latter day saints, mormons, church, friends

The Kingdom Keeper Private 18,463 154
Victims of Utah Society

Tags: Utah

X - Citation Needed - X Public 1,363 104
The League Of Exraordinary Mormons

My life is irrelevant to my religion.

Tags: TLOEM, Moron, League, Extraordinary

Baron Von Gneo Private 152,984 124
The 2,000 Stripling Warriors

A place to talk to friends... to talk about anything

Tags: Mormon,LDS, Christ,, Religon, Friends, Help for people, Awesomeness

XXbrandoneakxx Public 48 17
Lets get Educated

A guild for LDS college age students

Tags: Mormon, Mormons, Latter Day, Saints, Hope

Lil Lady Ann Public 3 2
The F.M.M. Guild

Its all about Fantasy, the Curch of Jesus Christ, Science Fiction, Roleplaying, and so much more.

Tags: Fantasy, Mormons, Science Fiction, Roleplaying, Church of Jesus Christ

PurpleHunter13 Private 27 3
All my Wives. ( A Yuri Harem Guild. )

A Guild for yuri harem role-plays.

Tags: Yuri, Harem, Waifus, Girls, Lesbian

Vamp_Girl_Miyu Private 161 16
Fallout: New Mennace

Death is inevitable in this new world, but easyer to avoid when moving together.

Tags: Fallout, Nuclear Waistland, Post-Appocalyptic, Vault, Roleplay

Dante Vex Public 119 5
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