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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Moemon Professor Cherry Private 1,679 16
Pokemorphs! (Not open yet)

A place for all who wanted to be half pokemon.

Tags: Pokemon, moemon, Pokemorphs

Janice the light Public 367 23
High School/Pokemon RP

You live normal lives as a human, and then one day you wake up as a pokemon!

Tags: High School, Pokemon

ShinestarBlueSky Private 124 8
Moemon: A New Generation {CLOSED}

When a new breed of human-Pokémon hybrids enter the world, what will become of them?

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Pokemorphs, Moemon, Battle

MagneticPudding Public 1,392 54
The Lost History

When an assortment of forgotten species reappear in the world of Pokémon , who will accept the Moemon into their lands?

Tags: Trainer, Pokémon, Moemon, Legendaries, Adventure

-Undead-Legends- Public 248 14
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