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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaians of Anime Central: An ACen Guild

ACen attendees of Gaia Online!

Tags: acen, anime, central, convention, cosplay

Ashli-chan Private 468 230
The Ohio Guild!!

A guild for those who live in Ohio, or visit!

Tags: Ohio, Convention, Columbus, Cleveland, Midwest

Shake_Soda_07 Public 9,769 596
Midwest United Gaians Poptart Porn Public 7 1
The Redakai Guild

This guild is for Redakai Fans

Tags: Redakai, Kairu

Redakai Master Public 3 6
Left 4 Dead: Last Call

A Left 4 Dead-themed roleplay guild.

Tags: left4dead, apocalypse, roleplay, valve, zombie

DeejaySoundwave Public 691 27
United States Marine Corps recruiting for the Midwest

A guild to help put you in contact with a Marine Corps recruiter.

Tags: USMC, Military, Marine, Recruiting, Corps

Paul Butcher Public 2 1
Elemental Wolves: Mission Freedom

Elemental Wolves, humans, war, contamination.

Tags: Elemental, Wolves, Fantasy, Futuristic

Mother-of-one Public 11,937 7
Future Century Aki Club

An anime Fanatics guild Focusing mainly in Midwest/Southwest Usa.

Tags: midwest, anime, south, cosplay, west

Mishimomei Public 2 2
World Wrestling Federation.™ [CLOSED.]

The Attitude Era is Here.

Tags: Wrestling, Role Playing

Purest of Heart Private 33 13
.:':.Edhellen I Bâd:The Elvish Path.:':.(Open)

Ever wanted to learn Elvish, well with .:':.Edhellen I Bâd:The Elvish Path.:':., you're in the right place.

Tags: Elvish, LOTR, Sindarin, Quenya, The Hobbit

Tinuviel of Ennorath Private 451 65
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