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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Final Fantasy VII: Neo Midgar City, Colliding Worlds

Tags: Final Fantasy, Jenova, Midgar, Aerith, Edge

Aerith Gast Gainsborough Private 76,496 88
Kingdom Hearts: New Memories

A Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and so forth Guild of Roleplaying!

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Keyblade Master, Heartless, Midgar City, Final Fantasy

Ludwigs Repose Public 21,639 116

Final fantasy 7 roleplaying/ final fantasy univers roleplaying

Tags: Final Fantasy, SinRa, Cloud, Shinra, Sephiroth

K-echma Public 2,972 44
Final Fantasy RP Combo

All of the worlds of Final Fantasy come together in a big clash. The good VS. the bad. You can travel to any world you please...

Tags: Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts, role playing, anime

Sheba_Crescent_Lupera Private 1,195 26
World At War (Final Fantasy 7 Roleplay)

Final Fantasy 7 roleplay

Tags: Final Fantasy 7, Action, Fantasy, Midgar, SOLDIER

Yuudai the Dragon Public 1,051 11
Wrath Of Jenova~A Final Fantasy Guild(Now Accepting)

What happens to Sephiroth and the others is up to you.

Tags: Romance, Magyk, Jenova, Summons, Role Play

Kyohei_Lockhart_Strife Public 244 8
Final Fantasy Freiheit

A Final Fantasy RP based on classes rather than a specific game.

Tags: Final Fantasy, Classes, Mage, Role Playing, Magic

Captain Fortune Private 10 5
Midgar City War

Just do whatever yo

Tags: Naruto, Bleach, Anime, Ninja, Nabari

TheNeverEver Public 5 1
Mako Gardens

A place to explore new worlds and and go on missions with others through the Final Fantasy worlds

Tags: Garden, SeeD, DeepGround, SOLDIER, Mako

Fleeting Moon Flower Private 20 1
Final Fantasy VII: Shinra's Return

When Midgar is getting back on it's feet...someone pushes it down

Tags: Final Fantasy, Betrayel, Mystery, Violence, General

Alliecat298 Private 512 16
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