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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Fast Gold 4 Poor Gaians

Originally a guild dedicated to the best and fastest way's to earn gold on gaia's system, it has evolved into an awesome community!

Tags: Gold, Contests, Anime, Chat, Random

Angelic_Highlights Private 591,081 19,767
Official Guild For Californian's

California is the most populous state in the United States.

Tags: California, Weather Economy Government Population Ed, Los Angelos San Diego San Francisco, San Jose Vallejo Oakland Berkely Valley, California Gold Rush

Kiid Tokyo Public 114 148
races united

a guild where all Races can connect.

Tags: races, unite, talk, family, always there

SL33PY X3 Private 215 91
Brown Pride

If you Mexican you can join my guild.

Tags: Brown Pride, Mexican Power, Mexican`s, Sureno`s, Norteno`s

x-iJUANxBP-SSCx Private 148 49
The Singapore Guild Nna Public 19,284 552
The Undead Waters

Booty Grabbing, spam

Princess JasmineV2 Public 718 2
Gaian Pothead Society

If You Like Marijuana, No Questions Asked Join!

Tags: Pot Smoking, Weed, Smoking, Socialize, Realize

TlN0 Public 530 357
proud to be spanish

this is for all the latnois only i might accpet u if u do have a spanish blood line

Tags: race, latnio, cuba, mexico, spain

ninja snuggy Public 61 8
Society Of Weed

If You Like Weed, No Questions Asked Join!

Tags: Pot Smoking, Weed, Smoking, Socialize, Realize

lord apex Public 33 58
Brotherhood of the Hood

Fuck bitches, troll, get each others backs

Tags: troll, chill, bros, awesome, rap music

aajjj1 Public 2 9
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