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Deathcore genre of music

Tags: Deathcore, Suicide Silence, BMTH, Growling, Breakdown

DeVilBoYxxx14 Public 253 138
The Offical blessthefall Guild

For fans of blessthefall.

Tags: blessthefall, screamo, witness, band, metalcore

ravemaster8302 Public 10 11
Asking Alexandria

One of the best new bands around :3

Tags: Asking Alexandria, Hot Guys, Metalcore

sce the dark pheonix Public 56 103
WILD! A Hardcore/Metal Guild

A place for Gaian's to speak openly about Metal/Hardcore, away from the elitist Metal forum.

Tags: Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Music, Beating up children

Josh Maxwell Public 117 14
Rockers Unite


Tags: rock, rocker, music, slash, bands

Dopest_lee Public 21 47
On a Hardcore Basis

Updates on CDS,EPs,New Bands, Break Ups,Tours And everything else.

Tags: Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore, Brutal, Breakdowns

P0rn ish G00d Public 2 1
Metal Sanctum

Metal is a vast and enthralling experience. Your sound quest ends here and begins here. We cover every aspect that you love.

Tags: Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Classic Rock

Bubonic Metal Public 1,411 347
Woe, Is Me Army

Just a bunch of people who like Woe, Is Me.

Tags: Woe, Is Me, Metalcore, Music

Mayasturbate Public 2 2
We're Reckless and Relentless!

There NEEDS to be a decided Asking Alexandria Guild on Gaia! Looks like I'm the one who's gonna have to make it =)

Tags: Asking, Alexandria, Bruce, Worsnop, Relantless

MollieSyndrome Public 32 26
Straightedge Youth ✘✘✘

Gaian ✘✘✘ crew come together for our passion of values and music ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Tags: straight edge, pop punk, post hardcore, hardcore, metal

Lord Penguin Pants Public 4 1
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