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Heavy Gear

Based on a great game created by Dream Pod 9.

Tags: Heavy, Gear, Roleplaying, Mechs, Military

And They Called Me Mechs Public 611 13
Eden and Sanctuary

Tags: Mecha, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPing

ChaosNataku Private 309 11
Guilty Revelations

You have proved yourself worthy, but are you still ready?

Tags: sci-fi, military, mech, fantasy, space

Shockingcat Private 760 10
M.S.C. Academy

Join and fight for you country!!!

Tags: Mech, Military, Academy

HueyfortheLost Public 348 11
Field of Shattered Dreams (Closed)


Tags: fantasy, Mecha, Magic, SuperHero's & Hero's

Tavril Public 10,758 11
Galactic Machine War

A literate roleplaying Science Fiction/Space Opera guild.

Tags: Galactic, Machine, Military, Sci-Fi, Mech

Yan Stormhausen Private 3 2
R.V.H. Division ((o/a always))

This is a role-playing guild about vampires, mechs, and maybe romance

Tags: Role-playing, Vampires, Mechs, Military, Romance

demonic fyre Public 19 1
Gundam Chaos Revelations

Gundam, meet modern human technology, meet Code Geass meet Warhammer (40k too), meet Si-fi, meet CHAOS!!!!!! and meet fun XD

Tags: Gundam, Code Geass, Warhammer (40k too), Si-fi, Mech/ Military

BarronVonManfreadGreed Public 779 14
Mobile Suit Gundam

D20 Post-Apocalyptic Survival

Tags: Gundam, Mobile suit, Anime, apocalypse, fall out

Draco Silverlight Public 168 11
Nomi Del Socti: The Campaign of the Gods

Two societies and one planet with two different idea's that are to big for both of them to be on the planet.

Tags: Mecha, Life and Death, Academy, Military

Ari the Grim Reaper Public 1,116 10
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