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The Marxist, Communist, and Socialist Guild

Formerly called the NCS, this is a place for communists and socialists to talk about communism and socialism.

Tags: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Political, Left

Le Pere Duchesne Private 35,388 800
Unified Socialist Party

The Unified Socialist Party is a forum for socialists to interact with each other.

Tags: Socialism, Economic Systems, Political Philosophy, Social Democracy, Marxism

Kistel Private 87 21
The Marxist - Leninist Communist Party of Gaia

Guild for communsit, socialist, and marxist gaia mebers to talk about ideas

Tags: Communism, Marx, Lenin, Socialist, Marxist - Leninist

Beautiful Workers Private 1 3
The Volunteers - Hetalia

Wear your uniform with pride.

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, DayZ, Metro, Dark

Elizabeta Hedervary Private 8 12
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