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Maple Story

First Gaia-MS Guild. Come join the Gaian MapleStory community!

Tags: maplestory, maple, story, nexon, wizet

TaerkDS Private 66,378 4,501
Club Soda Pop (MapleStory) with POLLS!

The Only Active AND Friendlist MapleStory Guild with POLLS and GAMES!

Tags: Maple, Maplestory, story, wizet, Nexon

CyndiChiniro Public 22,209 896
The Destined Aces - A MapleStory Guild

Tags: Maple Story, Online game, MMORPG, Game, Computer Game

PlasmaNightSky Public 1,350 17
Toriko! : Bishokuya Adventure! O//A

A Toriko guild of Canon and Original characters combined.

Tags: Toriko, Dream 9, Bishokuya, Chefs, Role Playing

killer-wolf-kun Private 647 15
✪ Holoden [space roleplay]

A space roleplay built on adventure and greed. Ready to make your mark in our legends?

Tags: Space, roleplay, Adventure, Holoden

Von Winston Public 12 2

Another Canadian Guild

Tags: Canada, Canadians, Snow, Maple Syrup, Canlandia

Pentalpha Private 48 3
Gotta Catch 'Em All [Pokemon!][CLOSEDFORNOW]

It's hard to summarize this one, you guys! Just enter~

Tags: asdfg, asdfgd, asfghh, djgdioghdfiogfd, sdhdfoghdfoghfdo

thetinykiwi Public 15 1
Canadian Maple Cult

For Canadians, made by Canadians

Tags: Canada, Canadian, Maple, Syrup, Bacon

storm sprinter Private 11 6
[KI] Shutdown 016


Origin Vamraak Private 2 1
Maplestory Nostalgia

A guild where old and new maplers can chat!

Tags: Maplestory, Active, Nostalgia, Arcania, GAZED

Naturalist Public 32 9
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